Handle Your Phone

Introducing a new kind of accessory.

fonhandle is inspired by hafting, the act of attaching artifacts to a handle to turn them into useful objects. Humans have used this method throughout history to turn rocks, metal and bone into axes and hammers, and a bit later on – simple lens into magnifying glasses. This idea is now echoed by adding a handle to our most useful and precious object – our smartphone.

Use fonhandle to enhance your mobile experience. It opens a world of new photographic and videographic opportunities, better ergonomics, easier web browsing and other functionalities that have yet been discovered.

Meet the Family

Making fonhandle

Hey there!

I'm Yonatan, a maker with over seven years of experience bringing products through development and production to realization. During this time I've exhibited my work in Israel and abroad, developed devices for the medical and hi-tech industries, established assembly lines, ran manufacturing processes in China & Singapore and taught design in Israeli academies.

I'm looking for the real magic that happens when imaginative concepts are formed into products that challenge and intrigue you. Products that make people smile and think – this is my mission.

Fonhandle is my own personal product debut, bringing a year of sketching, modeling, sanding, printing and CNC-ing to an exciting peak, and now it's in your hands. Help me make a dream come true by getting one of your own.

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